Goat knocks out angry bull THREE TIMES its size with SAVAGE head-butt


THIS is the incredible moment a plucky goat knocked out a giant charging bull with a skull-crushing head-butt.

The astonishing animal skirmish was caught on camera by a shocked passer-by and has lit up the web after being posted online.

It begins showing two bulls and a goat standing in a sun-kissed field apparently minding their own business.

But suddenly tempers begin to flare between the two species and the bull charges towards the goat.


COP FOR THAT: The plucky goat goes flying into a bull head-first

Not one to back down from a challenge, the goat responds by running towards its aggressor, head bowed and raging.

They connect with a fierce “crack” and both drop to the ground.

The bull looks to be completely unconscious – but the dazed goat quickly gets back to its feet having emerged the shock victor in the outrageous battle.

A cow on its arse in the middle of a fieldYOUTUBE

DOWNED: The bull looks to be completely out could after the strike

Thousands have seen the stunning face-off since it was posted on social media site Reddit earlier this week, although details about the location and time that the video was shot are unknown.

“That’s the funniest s*** I’ve seen all week,” wrote one viewer.

Another simply said: “Goats are awesome.”

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