Alien news: ‘Extraterrestrial formations’ spotted towering over mountains’ on Google Maps


A SHOCKED woman claims to have spotted enormous alien formations towering over a mountain on Google Maps.

The bizarre image was captured near Ben Nevis in the Scottish Highlands.

In it, two huge black objects hover above a lake and stand in stark contrast to the other clouds.

The apparition led some to speculate the shapes may be an alien mothership.


LANDING: The apparition led some to speculate the shapes may be an alien mothership

Twitter user NAHTEB uploaded the picture with the caption: “Aliens in the sky near Ben Nevis on Google Maps wtf.”

A raft of bizarre sightings have been reported on Google Maps recently – from extraterrestrials to ghosts.

Last week, a horrified fella believes he captured a UFO hovering above a street in Penryn, Cornwall.

Myles Stockade was browsing the service when he noticed the strange black blob near a block of flats.

Last month, another bloke claimed to have seen the ghost of a young girl in a disturbing still.

The supposed apparition was spotted in the city of Lawrence in Indiana, the US.

A small demon child seems to stand at the front of a house as it gazes into the camera.

The creature appears to have green skin and dark hair, with its hands tucked away.

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