Tupac alive: Suge Knight’s son ‘exposes rap legend’s hiding spot’


Tupac Shakur was killed following a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas 22 years ago – but many refuse to accept the official story.

Suge Jacob Knight, the son of Death Row Records boss Suge Knight, made headlines last week when he claimed to have video footage of the rap legend in Malaysia.

And now he continues to add fuel to the fire. 

The CEO of OverKnight Entertainment has taken to Instagram once again to expose the apparent hiding spot of the Hit Em Up rapper.

“I pray for your safety after exposing this”

Instagram user

He shared a video from the Batu Caves, in Malaysia, claiming this is the true location Tupac chose to settle in after fleeing the US.

Suge wrote: “From my source – Pac was last seen in a cave here. I’ll update some more.”

And it has racked up almost 500,000 hits in a number of days. 

“People need to open their eyes to the truth,” one viewer claimed. 

Another added: “I pray for your safety after exposing this.”


ALIVE: Tupac is apparently hiding in the Batsu Caves
(Pic: GETTY)

But others were not so convinced, questioning why the rapper would choose to hide out in the caves of a tourist attraction.

One even joked: “Maybe he’s in there with Elvis and Bin Laden.”

It is not the first time theories have surfaced over the rappers apparent whereabouts, though. 

Last month, the private jet that “smuggled” him out of the country was revealed. 

Then days later, details of his alleged escape route from the US to Cuba then emerged. 

Batu CavesGETTY

HIDDEN: Could Tupac be somewhere in the Batu caves
(Pic: GETTY)

Batu cavesGETTY

INSIDE: The Batu caves are a spiritual landmark
(Pic: GETTY)

Suge Knight Jr and Mike TysonINSTAGRAM

FAME: Suge Knight’s son has sprung ingto the spotlight

And earlier this year, claims surfaced that he could even be living in Somalia. 

But the first officer who responded to the shooting in Las Vegas has rubbished such talk.

Chris Carrol revealed Tupac died on the scene and is “absolutely not” hiding out in Malaysia or Cuba.

He added the rapper’s wounds were so bad he would not have been physically able to escape abroad – even if he had survived. 

Tupac's lookalikeINSTAGRAM

LOOKALIKE: Another video apparently shows the rapper

Timeline of Tupac's deathDS

(Pic: DS)

Caroll said: “He is absolutely positively dead.

“I know he means a lot to people, but the guy is gone and is never coming back.

“Just to clarify when I say gone – I don’t mean gone abroad – in case conspiracy theorists misconstrue that line.

“I mean he is dead. He had multiple gun shot wounds on his body. There were large calibre wounds to his torso and vital organs.”

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