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Conor Mcgregor fires a shot at Floyd Mayweather Jr

Conor McGregor has aimed a bizarre insult Floyd Mayweather Jr’s way. 

The UFC’s lightweight champion took aim at the legendary boxer earlier this week after he denied Dana White’s claim that he’s in negotiations to enter the Octagon. 

His denial prompted McGregor to brand him a ‘p***’, much to the delight of his legion of fans. 

after seeing ESPN tweet a mock up picture of the former five-weight world champion donning a pair of UFC gloves. 

He tweeted: “Virgin ears.”

Michael Bisping rips Georges St-Pierre

Michael Bisping has slammed Georges St-Pierre for vacating the UFC middleweight title. 

“He’s a pr**k, He’s a pr**k, god bless him,” .

“In one respect, it’s good for me because – as an MMA fighter, as a boxer, whatever it is – if somebody beats you, you never want them to lose again because if they get beat, then the person that beat them, it has a negative impact on you. Like, ‘Oh, they could have beaten me as well.’

“So he’s never going to fight at 185 again, that’s good. I’m the only person at 185 he ever beat, nobody at 185 is ever gonna beat him. So cheers Georges, thanks for that.

“But at the same time, it looks like a bit of a bitch move, you know what I mean? So there’s pluses and negatives.”

Mark Hunt plans on moving on from the UFC

Mark Hunt has revealed he plans on fighting outside of the once his current contract expires. 

“Three fights left, this will be one of them, I got two left and then see you later,” Hunt said during an appearance on Submission Radio.

“Well, for the UFC, yeah,” he added. “That will be the end of my career in the UFC. I have two fights left and that’s it. You probably know the path I’ve had with the UFC, but you know, it’s business. 

“I haven’t done nothing wrong, I just don’t like to be treated like s**t – even if I’m an employee or whatever and I speak my mind about it and, you know, I’ll go from there. 

“So like I said, three fights left and I’ll move on.”

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