Snake attack: Python DEVOURS possum in Brisbane video


A MONSTROUS snake gulped down a live possum while dangling from a tree – just metres from horrified onlookers.

The remarkable footage shows the three-metre-long carpet python hanging upside down from the tree.

It has the sizeable prey locked in its mouth and slowly starts to force it down.

Just a few feet from the gruesome scene stands Courtney Hathway along with her brother and housemate.

“Look at him go, that’s f*****,” she can be heard saying.

“It makes me so sad for the possum, he’d be suffocating.”


SHOCKING: A snake was filmed devouring a possum in front of onlookers

The footage ends before the snake manages to finish its huge meal.

Courtney decided to enlist the help of a snake catcher to remove the monster from her property in Brisbane, east Australia.

More than 22,000 people have seen the clip since it was posted to Brisbane Snake Catchers yesterday (January 12).

“Oh my god, how big is that snake,” one commented.

Another wrote: “Nah, that is terrifying.”

It comes just days after another serpent was snapped devouring a farmer’s prized cock.

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