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The movie starred Michael Keaton as a father who died in a road accident; leaving his son and wife devastated.

The following year, thanks to the wonders of a magic harmonica, he is temporarily resurrected – as a snowman.

Young Joseph Cross played his son, with support from Mika Boorem as friend Natalie, Andrew Lawrence as Tuck, Eli Marienthal as Spencer, Will Rothaar as Dennis, and Taylor Handley as bully Rory.

What do they look like now?

The film actually received mostly negative reviews from critics at the time.

On Rotten Tomatoes, it holds a low score of 20%; with Roger Ebert notably giving it only one star.

It was also a box office flip; failing by some distance to make back its $85 million budget.

But as the years go by, it’s still a favourite over the holiday season.

Keaton, of course, has continued as a Hollywood megastar.

This year alone he featured prominently in Spider-Man: Homecoming as the villain, and he also took the lead role in McDonald’s biopic The Founder.

He’ll next be seen in Tim Burton’s retelling of Dumbo.

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