Mark Hamill Lets Stephen Colbert Live Out His ‘Star Wars’ Dream


On Friday’s “Late Show,” host Stephen Colbert got to live out that fantasy by starring in an intergalactic-themed skit with Luke Skywalker himself.

The spoof segment centered around Hamill as Skywalker trying to get past Colbert’s character Randy; the warden of the Mos Eisley’s cantina guest list.

But Skywalker’s attempt to hide out from the First Order don’t go to plan. He’s soon forced to cross the road to another cantina with an appropriate name.

For fans of the space opera franchise, there are plenty of amusing references to the movies. For those not acquainted with the films, it’s just glorious to see Hamill and Colbert goofing around.

Check out the skit above, and the pair’s later interview below:

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