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Life Is Strange Before The Storm has been a rollercoaster ride, with episode 3 – which has a release date on Wednesday – signalling the end of season one.

Life Is Strange Before The Storm episode 3 – entitled ‘Hell is Empty’ – will finish up the prequel story focused on Chloe and Rachel’s relationship.

It remains to be seen how their tale will end, and if there will be any room for future stories about Chloe and Rachel’s up-and-down journey together.

What is for sure though is that there is a lot of time between the events of the original Life Is Strange and Before The Storm’s story.

There is a three year gap between the events of Life Is Strange Before The Storm and the original Life Is Strange.

So there could be plenty of opportunities for more stories in the Before The Storm series, leading up to the events of the original game.

This is, however, barring a truly shocking end to episode 3 or any time jumps that may occur in the upcoming final entry to the season.

Fan reaction to Life Is Strange Before The Storm has been overwhelmingly positive, with Deck Nine Games nailing what makes the series so special.

Players will surely be loathed to say goodbye to Arcadia Bay once again, especially since Life Is Strange 2 will not continue Chloe or Max’s story.

So asked Deck Nine Games if they would consider doing a second season of Life Is Strange Before The Storm.

Zak Garriss, lead writer on Life is Strange Before the Storm, told us: “We’ve loved working in the Life is Strange universe and would consider any opportunity that felt right to return to Arcadia Bay, for sure.”

The comments will surely raise hopes among fans about the possibility of a second season of Life Is Strange Before The Storm.

Zak also spoke about what it was like following in the footsteps of the original game’s developer Dontnod and how Deck Nine approached the challenge.

He said: “Dontnod accomplished something incredible with the first Life is Strange, creating a world filled with dark and lovely characters that resonated so strongly with fans. 

“Following in their footsteps was an incredible challenge!

“In the end, we decided to focus on what we as fans loved about the first game, hoping that if we loved what we were making in Before the Storm, fans might love it, too. 

“We couldn’t be more honoured with how the community’s responded – we read every letter, every post online. 

“Getting to make a story for this community has been a privilege and a joy for us at Deck Nine.” has been reviewing Life Is Strange: Before The Storm episode by episode.

of the first episode, Awake, we commended Deck Nine Games for tapping into what made the original game so special.

We said: “The original Life Is Strange, in many ways, showed how time is precious and – as cliched as it sounds – our time on Earth is fleeting.

“This is rammed home simply by returning to Arcadia Bay after a long break, and getting another chance to spend time with characters that fans have grown to know and love.

“Dontnod tapped into something truly special when they created the first Life Is Strange, and Deck Nine looks to have managed to recreate that magic once again.

“Which they should be hugely commended for.

“So lap it up people. And just enjoy the rollercoaster ride of emotions we’re all set to go on once again.

“Welcome back to Arcadia Bay. It’s like we never left.”

• Life Is Strange Before The Storm episode 3 – Hell is Empty – is out on PS4, Xbox One and PC on Wednesday December 20

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