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The latest version, directed by Saul Dibb, boasts a strong cast including Avengers favourite Paul Bettany and Hunger Games regular Sam Claflin.

Asa Butterfield, Tom Sturbridge and Toby Jones also star.

The World War I drama – the fifth film adaptation of the play of the same name by R C Sherriff – will be released to mark 100 years after the Spring Offensive, which it depicts.

It joins C-Company, led by a war-weary Captain Stanhope (Claflin) as they arrive in northern France to take their place in the front-line trenches. 

Informed of an imminent German offensive, Stanhope drowns his fears in whisky whilst the officers (Bettany, Stephen Graham, Sturridge) and their cook (Jones) attempt to distract themselves in their dugout with talk of food and life before war.

Claflin recently said of his casting, in a chat with Screen Daily: “I try to challenge myself in new ways with each character. With Stanhope, I loved exploring someone who is so detached from who I am. 

“Although there are similarities — when I’m fearful of something, I kind of get louder. It’s a front you put on. 

“I sort of figured there were similarities between the way he reacts to things and someone who is a domestic abuser. 

“Someone who, in front of the men, is seen as brave and heroic, but behind closed doors is aggressive, violent and angry.”

Journey’s End is out on February 2.

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