He doesn’t call the police once he has gotten away. At Barry Avenue, a block south, Ziada pulled in front of the Focus at a red light and stopped. Is it because [drivers] are immigrants, because of prejudice? In his complaint, he claimed Ziada attacked him. Then, he says, they all ran off toward a black Ford Focus and drove south on Ashland.

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Ziada’s offense must have been failing to keep the BHO inauguration Sabbath.

Is It Too Easy to Clobber a Cabbie?

Why is United States only developed nation to not have universal healthcare? Bromenschenkel said Gies always had an interest in business and his best sport at Mendota High was wrestling. Please log in to use this feature Log In. A 19yearold man has been charged with murder after a taxi driver was found dead in the backseat of a cab on chicago s northwest side earlier this week. rbyan

Cab driver agrees to pay fine for swearing at woman

Yes, white America voted for Black President. They want something that really stands out—like the road signs that warn drivers of the dire penalties for injuring a highway worker. He parked his car on a side street and went back to the parking lot. In a country where freedom is being diminished daily, this bgyan a free speech blog. Showing 1- 11 of 11 Add a comment. Drivers say the complaint system is skewed against them: But the mayoral candidate doesn’t mention ways to help the incarcerated Tennessee woman.


You must be really limber to make that stretch, but no matter, there are plenty of instances where right wingers have attacked what they perceive to be “liberals”, and neither side has the “perfect party market” cornered. He said Gies has a daughter in high school and he believes the boys are at Stanford and Vanderbilt. What will Donald Trump say about this? Do most Americans want a wall or do most Americans want open borders? Police officers arrested a new york city cab driver for assaulting a couple and then ramming her car into their vehicle along with several others in midtown manhattan, the nypd.

More information on Madison Industries is available at www. But in the case of Bierbrodt, awaiting trial on the same charge of misdemeanor battery, he hopes for more. The law was invoked in the prosecution of Thomas Gniadek for beating Chinese-American driver Stanley Shen in Maybreaking his nose and necessitating 12 stitches in his face.

Lamon weathers, of the block of west arthur avenue, is accused of.

Mendota graduate donates $ million to U of I | Free |

Whenever Craig Sterrett posts new content, you’ll get an email delivered to your inbox with a link. Lincoln after which all took turns beating and assaulting Walid Ziada He doesn’t call the police once he has gotten away. At Barry Avenue, a block south, Ziada pulled in front of the Focus at a red light and stopped. But Andy Conklin, a spokesman for the state’s attorney’s office, says there isn’t enough evidence to support a felony charge against Bierbrodt, and a police detective told Ziada’s attorney, Laurie Burgess, that the problem kdtter the state lacks witnesses.


According to the police report, Ziada said the man also told him, “You think you’re slick, we’ll put a cap in your ass. Last year he was one of 19 drivers honored for exemplary service, which means they received three or more official compliments during the year. The United Taxidrivers Community Council, a driver advocacy group, has highlighted the Ziada case as an example of the problem of violence against cabdrivers.

A hearing was scheduled for Tuesday, October 13, but the city postponed it to February. A cab driver noticed hall spending wildly and told brayn boss, mobster and ace cab company owner joe costello.

A real time look at local businesses social media postings. Jay Koyak testified that he’d squeezed into the Ford Focus hatchback outside Fizz to make room for Bierbrodt to get in. Man, 19, charged in lincoln square taxi driver murder.

He told the judge, “I could identify him from a mile away. So Ziada told him again, more forcefully. The note said, “To whom it may concern: