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That is the damning verdict of ESPN FC pundit and former Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson.

Arsene Wenger’s defence has often come under scrutiny and Robson is one of the Gunners’ biggest critics.

He says the coaching setup is to blame for their inconsistent performances in defence.

Robson claims assistant manager and former Arsenal centre-back Steve Bould is not allowed to have a big impact in the strategy of the backline.

“I don’t think Arsenal will buy too many players in January,” Robson said.

“(Alexis) Sanchez and (Mesut) Ozil will still stay and they will do all their work in the summer transfer window. 

“They’ve always needed defenders but more than defenders they need people to coach the defenders and coach the team in general. 

“I don’t think he (Bould) has too much say, I think Arsene Wenger has all the say, Steve Bould isn’t allowed to do that much work. 

“I think if Steve Bould was allowed to do a bit more work, Arsenal would be a better defensive unit. 

“It doesn’t matter who they buy if you don’t do the right defensive work on the training ground and get a system of play.

“You could have the best three, if they’re going to play a back three, they’ve gone back to a back four in the last couple of weeks, if they’re playing with a back four you can buy the best back four in the world but you still won’t get a performance if you don’t do enough work on the training ground.”

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